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i am forcing myself to write a blog post because tomorrow at 7 i'm leaving to madrid and i told myself i would make at least one post during the easter break but i have decided that after i get back from spain i should spend the rest of the holidays doing actual proper productive school n coursework n gcse things which will realistically not happen either (but i can blame it on jesus returning from the grave n chocolate eggs n stuff).

nothing interesting rly happens in oxford. the only things i have achieved here over the last few weeks is making some new social media connections and avoiding school and eating lots of muesli and crying about stupid stuff.
i am always annoyed at my self for not doing as much stuff as i want 2 even tho it's my fault and i feel like such a waste lol.

anyways~~the day before yesterday i went off 2 london 2 go back 2  ahida's house and shoot isobel for a fashion magazine and sum blogs and brands (we were sent stuff from some rly great people like lazy oaf/ somewhere nowhere/ juju footwear/ quay eyewear etc !!). i got my film developed as soon as i got back and got the photos yesterday and i'm really proud and i love them but i can't show people until they are published in like september in te magazine, by which point i will probably hate them hmm.
((also from developing the pictures and going to london and eating lots of bagels and mcflurries i now have under £5 including my bank money which isn't good also i dont have a job.))
acc u can have these 2 cus i already posted them on my tumblr.

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also when i went 2 london 6 weeks ago i did lots of cool stuff which i also forgot to blog about so i might as well just post pictures now.

i spent one of the days with georgie, who is the sweetest and we met at the swim deep gig in september thru mutual friends. we spent a really really cute day wandering around shoreditch/ bricklane and took lots and lots of pictures (i probably scared her by taking so many pictures of her tbh). we have some really nice ones in this graveyard looking place we found which i will probably upload sometime (i say that but u know how i am). it was so great and georgie's diary page is perfect ahhhh <3

(from this post)

a german photographer took photos of us

eyebrow game really weak ik^
vintage basement or wtv it's called and beyond retro


afterwards i went to opi's and we shot some stuff for cherry magazine (it's already up go check it out) and some other thingZzz.

the day after i did some more fun stuff which i have no pictures of and the day after i met up with opi again, but also theo who i hadn't met before and is fab.


i then went a few weeks later to ahida, maria, arvida and beth's pop up shop with theo, agnes, maddie, opi and ella. it was really really great and i miss them all lots.  the slr ones r by agnes.

ella theo opi

my hands are v v small

blurry blurry

beanie babe reppin




this is my favourite

princess ꒰ ॢ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ॢ꒱ 

i got pink ones

all i rly want 2 do now is not go to school and just meet interesting people

ok i was going to put the chile pictures here too but it's 2 much 4 my internet 2 handle so i'll make a separate post


oki bye luv


  1. Cute all:-)
    I like photos of these !

  2. Ah love all these photos and ugh I hate the whole 'critical point' thing at school too. That's so cool that you shot for some brands, how did you get involved with them? xo


  3. I like relate so much to everything you said at the beginning omfg like I know that I can do so much but I'm so lazy and a top class procrastinator so I feel like a waste sort of and it's so super annoying and urrgggh, i'm also 5ever broke, and i'm also going to madrid in 2 weeks! I love these pictures, and I love your blog omfg! Have fun in madrid! x


  4. super cute dani aww <3 that was so fun it would be fab to do something similar some time xoxo

    1. yess qt <3 such a good day miss uuuuu

  5. aw dani =your such a qtttt we have to meet up one day in oxford or london!!! i love the photos you took of isobel they're so dreamy and pretty (and shes gorgeous too lol)


    1. yeah we'll meet up soon <33 tysm and ikkk she is c: x

  6. these photos are all so amazing! in love with those white chunky trainers omg. x
    The Frill Seeker

  7. Your blog is so cute and relatable~


  8. i love your photos so much


  9. i am so unbelievably happy i found your blog its so great and you're so talented and hhahaahahhaah